Blue-ish city – Jodhpur

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“It’s simple: we arrive in the city, drive around Mehrangarh (one of the biggest forts in India) and we’ll find our hotel near the fort entrance.”

We were driving around in Jodhpur for 20 minutes and still couldn’t find it. How the hell do you hide a freaking enormous fort that’s built on a hill above the city?! Well, somehow it’s possible. We found it driving from the north (but we should have arrived from east – yup, we made almost a whole circle around without seeing it :)).

View from behind Hill View

We had a room booked in Hill View Guest house. A nice place right underneath the fort wall with a great view of the new part of the city. The owners there were friendly and I’m pretty sure the mother of the family was smoking something funny. Regularly. :)


Walking throught one of the gates ...

Incredible detail in the iconic architecture

Of course we visited the fort. One of the few forts still owned by a Maharaja family and easily one of the most beautiful forts in India. Audio tour is included in the ticket and a lot of people will say it’s one of the best they’ve listened to. My comment: it was fantastic-every once in a while I caught myself flown away in medieval times by the alluring storytelling. The speakers English is incomparably better than the tour guides but still with the well known Indian accent.

New people! No … new friends! :)
At the hotel restaurant we met Andrew (Canada), who after graduating from college and working a few years quit his job and decided to embark on a ‘pretty much all Asia’ adventure. “I think that is certainly a different way to experience it – not worrying about the things that would be waiting for you at home.” he said. He was accompanied with Hsiao Wei and Ya Chuang, two Taiwanese girls. They met a few days ago and decided to stick together for the whole Rajasthan trip.

Hsiao Wei with some random Indian who gave her the flower.

Hsiao Wei was a nice spice in the mix. Small, cute and cuddly. :) Laid back most of the time but sharp as a knife when a problem occurred. Being on alert all the time even I couldn’t seem to match her pace.
As for Ya Chuang (whose name is pronounced as ‘Ja čujem’ in Serbian) I can only say she was more talkative on the phone than in person. :) )

All together they were super nice so we decided to merge our plans for a while: go to Jaisalmer and take the desert safari together.

“Tilen, tomorrow at first light of dawn, we ride west.”

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  • Hsiaowei says:

    This is one of the best part of traveling:you never know who you will run into and who will be part of your trip.
    I was just trying to borrow a plug from Andrew; and I just happened to sit next to you two in the HillView.

    Then bang, you guys are now categorized (altogether with camels) into my Rajastani memory.
    Don’t worry, you are definitely funnier than camels;)
    Keep up im looking forward o the sequel!

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