Things we see on the way (Ja – Pu)

One more highway to hell… The scenery changed and the desert is starting to show it’s teeth. Sand on the road and sweeping machines that just make a mess.

We decided to take sometime and just cruise comfortably. Our hurry on the last trip took the toll – it simply wasn’t a pleasant experience.

We found some hilarious highway signs on the way:

  • “Lane driving is safe driving”
  • “Please do not drive in the opposite direction”
  • “MAN AT WORK drive causiously”
  • “Oversized vehicles”

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Repaired bike and a full tummy – things that make me happy

I really have to say it: the home cooked food at Falcon Inn Guest House (Bharatpur) is spectacular! Easily the best we had so far. And we are fond of eating. A lot.

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Tilen, get the tools, something’s wrong …

So we left Agra on the Republic day of India. I thought some roads will be closed for the parade, but didn’t imagine that we’ll be shufeled around by the police so much. Well, it was partially our fault because we forgot the map at the hotel. It seems we can’t get enough of adventure – if the trip looks like it’s going to be quick and easy, we subconsciously do something to spice it up a little. :)


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Survival mode: ON


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One more stop and the real thing …

Istanbul. So far, so good. But that doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun on the way. After all, Adventure is our middle name. And generous as we are, we wanted to share our exitement. So we asked my sister Jasna to drive us to the train, but we were already really late … Adrenaline guaranteed. We instantlz transformed into a panic getaway driver (Jasna), the scared co-driver (me) and the desperate hostage in the back seat (Tilen). Fun times … :)

In the end we had plenty of time – we arrived 2 minutes to departure. This picture confirms it:

We opened shampagne, drank it, and before we knew it, we were in FREEEZING Prague.. eEEe, Budapest! After a good night sleep came Istanbul. I had a little problem with airport security when they asked me to remove my scarf. The problem was I didn-t have one. :)

Beti, hope to see you again after the return flight!

P.s.: Iva (Ivi? :) ), good luck with the exam on wednesday!

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Hey man, it’s working!

AND we’re off! Just made this blog to cover our adventures throughout the trip, now on to … packing? :)

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