It’s a special day!

Happy birthday Tilen! I must say from the bottom of my heart -nyeeeh, a bit to cheesy … Anyway: speaking honestly I am really glad we took this quest together. I can’t imagine any other person that would last with me for so long. :) no, seriously: the time spent with you was always fun and interesting so I hope you’ll be up for the sequel: Rollin’ India: The Pakistani adventure.
I love ya man! (nohomo)

Today I arranged a small surprise for my pal in the morning:

It was so nice i got one more for myself. 😀

(No, not really. :) )

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  • Hsiaowei says:

    Tilen Happy Birthday!
    Is that an Indian pancake?

    You guys are making a sequel??! You are making me jealous!

    Anyway, enjoy your exotic birthday!
    Maybe with some more banana, orange or apple….I heard these are some exotic fruits;)

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