The Great people of Delhi

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Just our luck, Tilen (looking out the window) found a Royal Enfield dealer right around the corner of Amax inn.

In the office, to our surprise, we met Chris and Vivian – a couple from New Zeland, living and running the busines (BulletWallas) in Delhi for the past 5 years. Chris is a very pasionate customization artist and looking at his work made us want this iconic bike even more. (They actually customize the bikes anyway you want and upgrade them to EU standards – then ship them to EU,USA or Australia -check their portfolio on Facebook). They were our guardians in Delhi: They were of HUGE help in finding a bike to buy and providing us with every bit of information possible. We can’t express how grateful we are.

We bought a used bike at Joga motors. The boss there is Rana, the only female bike dealer in Delhi. But she’s not as fierce as she acts. She took really good care of the bike, did all the customization and gave us a present for the road: the jackets. She also has a really nice daughter, but she’s already married. So no use barking up that tree. :)

Of course we met some fellow travelers at the hotel. Just wanted to say that we hope you guys are doing well and maybe we’ll meet again in Goa (everyone is going there for some reason :) ).

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