The desert road (to Jaisalmer)

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Now this is a tale of two friends, a rather strange couple may I add: one was a cowboy, the other an indian. They’ve been through thick and thin together and now their journey continues to the unforgiving deserts of the west.

After riding long in the morning sun their horse needed rest so they took some time to explore the dunes. When they came back two black horsemen were waiting by their noble steed. Dressed in style – black eagle shaped helmets with shades dark as black gold and packed full of riches they sat on a shadow stallion, smaller than our heroes’ but fitter and faster. If you would race them down a long straight the odds for our duo would be slim. But our heroes had an advantage. They were lighter and their steel monster was hiding it’s strength well.

They went to meet the dark strangers. Life had taught them to be careful when meeting people of darkness.

“Hello friends,” heh, friend-a word taken much to lightly and stripped of all its meaning in these places. “need some help?”

-“No thank you, we’re fine.” Uros tries to end another meaningless conversation and send them on their way.

-“Any problem with your ride?”

-“No, just taking a break,” Uros replies, loosing patience in the hot sun.

-“Ok… Need any food, water?” The dark rider insists.

He looks way to friendly. Something smells fishy. -“No, we have plenty.” Uros turns to Tilen to confirm his suspicions. They have been lured into traps by friendly brown colored people before.

The shadow stallion charged and a whizzing sound of it’s small raging heart was going through the air. “I knew something was wrong”

The black riders gave up and made saddle to continue their journey. But after a few gallops, they turned around. “What now?” Tilen whispered. The shadow stallion charged and a whizzing sound of it’s small raging heart was going through the air. “I knew something was wrong” went through Uros’ mind. In a second the two black riders were galloping in a mist of dusty golden sand full speed towards our unmounted heroes.
What to do, how will they defend their themselves? Will they manage to saddle their steed and face them?
Find out more in the next episode of The two donkey riders!

Sneak peek: The black riders stopped in the last second saying: “Can we take a picture?”



So that, how we’ve met Razi & Maajed – two journalists working for a local paper (Shre Times, or something like that :)). They were going to Jaisalmer to cover the Desert festival that was happening the same time we were there. So we passed them a few times on the road and they stopped when we were taking a break-just to make sure everything was fine. Well one time we actually needed some help, because we had a flat tire (puncture? No, snake bite. How many times must I curse these Indian roads?!). So Razi drove me and the tire to the nearest village, got the tube repaired and paid for everything. On the way we got some snacks and chai and they insisted on paying for everything. Those who have met me, know that that was a struggle for me.

We arrived in Jaisalmer in late afternoon, had a slalom in the narrow city streets and found the hotel.

“Tomorrow we have to find a bigger room (for the whole Jodhpur crew) and arrange a good cheap Camel safari! So quickly take the bucket of hot water and take a shower!”

Some random pics on the way:

A nice place to stop. The hut became our workshop to fix the flat. :)

One of the funny road signs

First dune on the way

We passed a caravan of at least 200 trucks. Pakistan is near.


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