Repaired bike and a full tummy – things that make me happy

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I really have to say it: the home cooked food at Falcon Inn Guest House (Bharatpur) is spectacular! Easily the best we had so far. And we are fond of eating. A lot.

Typical bike repair shops (small ones) around India

The owners were more than nice (free food at the engagement party, remember?). Digi (22 (-everyone we meet here seams to be 22), owner of the new black badass Royal Enfield) told us the location of Mahender, the only R.E. Mechanic in town. I wandered what he meant with ‘a wooden hut’ he kept repeating. As soon as we found Mahender it was clear as day. All the repair shops here are the same: a big open garage with lots of stuff, logos on walls and at least 5 bikes in front. Mahender had his own special place and it looked like this:

Mahender Royal Enfield repair shop in Bharatpur

We gave him the bike and waited in anticipation to see if we found one of those talented local craftsmen. And you know what? We did. He stripped the bike, changed the gaskets and assembled it again in less than an hour. Cost? 275 Rp (about 5eur and 90Rp of that were the gaskets). Chris told us to write down the information of good mechanics so they can put it on their list and I think that’s the least I can do for Mahender.

Oh, the same day we went to the nearby Keoladeo National Park, but after a while I got bored, so if you’re interested in birds read Tilen’s translation of this post. :) But in short: the best way to experience the park is by bicycle. And take your time. You rent the bike for 6hours and rushing through just eats up your energy.

Crossing Pakistan takes a few nights on the floor of police stations with police/army sleeping in a circle around you.Oh, and one more awesome thing. We met a German couple who drove their sand colored monster (made by Toyota) the whole way to India. The fun part is crossing Pakistan (you know, not really a safe country in the last years). They said anyone who want to drive through (read: has balls of steel) gets a military escort the whole way. Sometimes a whole jeep of troops, sometimes just an old guy with a machine gun (waiting to retire). Getting to the other side takes a few days of drive and a few nights on the floor of police stations with police/army sleeping in a circle around you. Anyone up to it? :)


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