Another day, another puncture (Jais – Ud)

Oglejte si Trip Jaisalmer – Udaipur na večjem zemljevidu.

“I feel very olympic today!” i said and turned south instead of east. Why take the same road twice, if you know what’s waiting for you there? So we took a small field trip on the way back to Jodhpur. The plan was to crash there and continue to Udaipur the next day.

Random road block

On the way we saw where the majority of the areas electricity is coming from: wind turbines. At least 200 of them.
The road was straight and empty so it felt like an appropriate time to spice things up a little. So we let Tilen do the driving for a while. :) The straights were fine and he got used to leaning the bike in curves quite fast. But then then the road transformed into a busy town center. (more…)

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Living in the wild

Jaisalmer Fort

Desert city. Dust, sand and garbage everywhere. Jaisalmer is the last city in the Indian desert to the border with Pakistan. So you can guess it has a busy military camp. But if you’re not intimidated by army trucks, uniformed men with big (but old) guns and planes flying by every once in a while, it could be a nice addition to the festival happenings.

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The desert road (to Jaisalmer)

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Now this is a tale of two friends, a rather strange couple may I add: one was a cowboy, the other an indian. They’ve been through thick and thin together and now their journey continues to the unforgiving deserts of the west.

After riding long in the morning sun their horse needed rest so they took some time to explore the dunes. When they came back two black horsemen were waiting by their noble steed. Dressed in style – black eagle shaped helmets with shades dark as black gold and packed full of riches they sat on a shadow stallion, smaller than our heroes’ but fitter and faster. If you would race them down a long straight the odds for our duo would be slim. But our heroes had an advantage. They were lighter and their steel monster was hiding it’s strength well. (more…)

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It’s a special day!

Happy birthday Tilen! (more…)

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Blue-ish city – Jodhpur

“It’s simple: we arrive in the city, drive around Mehrangarh (one of the biggest forts in India) and we’ll find our hotel near the fort entrance.”

We were driving around in Jodhpur for 20 minutes and still couldn’t find it. How the hell do you hide a freaking enormous fort that’s built on a hill above the city?! Well, somehow it’s possible. We found it driving from the north (but we should have arrived from east – yup, we made almost a whole circle around without seeing it :)).

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Chicken Curry (Pushkar -> Jodhpur)

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Our first roadkill. :/ It happened so quickly. I caught a glimpse of it and then it hit the front wheel. The mirror showed a cloud of feathers and Tilen cleared my confusion: “Starling”.

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Timeout! We need rest. :)

We’ve reached it! The last bit of the road (through the hills) was a fun ending to our journey.

We used the time in Pushkar to do what everyone else does here: calm down, gather energy. This small lake town has some character. It’s one of the last hippy hideouts where you can enjoy the begining or end of the day by the temples on the sunrise or sunset hill. That’s all about Pushkar. Like i’ve said: chillin’ and gathering strenth to continue our adventure.

Next stop: The blue city with the great Mahagadesh fort (Jodhpur).

p.s.:  Some random pics from Pushkar:

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Things we see on the way (Ja – Pu)

One more highway to hell… The scenery changed and the desert is starting to show it’s teeth. Sand on the road and sweeping machines that just make a mess.

We decided to take sometime and just cruise comfortably. Our hurry on the last trip took the toll – it simply wasn’t a pleasant experience.

We found some hilarious highway signs on the way:

  • “Lane driving is safe driving”
  • “Please do not drive in the opposite direction”
  • “MAN AT WORK drive causiously”
  • “Oversized vehicles”

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Tilen the tuk-tuk driver

Jaipur view from an old watch tower

Came late. Got really lost this time. We were doing circles in the city because

  1. they have a 6 lane road converted to one way,
  2. no one knew where our hotel was. Every person we asked said “straight and then right!”.

We arrived at Anuraag Villa with rickshaw escort. Of course the first thing he said stepping our of the tuk-tuk: ‘tomorrow i pick you up for sightseeing day with rickshaw!’. They always find something wrong with your choice of transport “motorbike no good,drive to fast; bus is to many people; other rickshaw no know the best place for quality and cheap prices…”


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Road Bharatpur – Jaipur

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One word: boring! I think I got used to our situation. Now traffic seems exciting and avoiding holes in the road is like playing a video game. But laid before us was just a nicely made 3-lane asphalt road. I think we’ll have to figure out something to make the game more interresting. Driving blindfolded perhaps.

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